My Ride...
My Seven arrived in Pleasanton safely Friday December 23rd 2005 with both wheels, 40 spokes, and all of it's gears.  Seven weights 18.2 lbs, it's frame is 51 cm long and 50 cm tall.  
My ride by Seven Cycles & Robinson Wheel Works
                                                             the best fit in town!

Make: Seven Cycle
Model: Axiom Steel
Color: Silver & Black (No Im not a Raider fan)
Components: Campy Chorus 10
Wheels: Mavic Kysirum SL
Saddle: Terry Butterfly

In September 2005 I went to Robinson Wheel Works to be fit for my Seven.  We talked about my riding and what I wanted from my next bicycle; I was measured from head to toe.  Chris hit the mark, my Seven fits perfect!

Seven Cycle

Seven Cycles was incorporated in January, 1997 and is located in Watertown, Mass.

Their Mission:
Our mission at Seven Cycles is to enhance your cycling experience through the optimum fit, function, performance, and comfort of your bicycle. We've built our business on understanding what you really want and value in a bicycle and delivering precisely that, accompanied by a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

Robinson Wheel Works

Robinson's has a great selection of quality road and mountain bikes, including:

Seven Cycles
Santa Cruz

And they can be found at
     1235 MacArthur Boulevard
     San Leandro CA 94577